Days like these

Shimmering heat, rosy midsummer evenings, bathing by the lake, lingering at a standstill. That is summer in the village. Yet many things are different this year: it is Covid-19-time.
I photographed my mother’s everyday life during my stay in Bavaria. My mother is a widow and lives alone. She is actually very sociable: she gives tutoring and harmonica lessons, goes hiking or for walks with friends and once a week she attends a Pilates class.
My mother is over seventy and thus belongs to the so-called risk group. The district where she lives has many Corona cases. Now she is alone a lot. She takes private Pilates classes. Instead of teaching the whole harmonica choir, only four students come once at a time. She now prefers to go for milk with a mouth guard.

Since Covid-19, many things have changed. We live in different realities. Everything seems normal, the houses and shops are not destroyed. In the countryside, you can sometimes even forget about Covid-19. You meet fewer people from home, you are quickly in nature. There are hardly any buses, almost everyone owns a car and so individual mobility is guaranteed. Nevertheless, an invisible threat of the virus looms over everything.


2021: Stadtwandel – alles anders?, photo class with photojournalist Ann-Christine Jansson, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain

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