Die Herbstzeitlose

Living in harmony with nature – that’s what my mother practices every day. In the countryside of Lower Bavaria, she lives in the rhythm of the seasons. What she can do, she does with her own strength; the physical work in the fresh air keeps her fit.
She walks or takes the bicycle and thus decelerates her errands. By limiting herself to what is close at hand, she gives more importance to small details. She finds trees felled by beavers and traces of bird claws in the snow. She walks the same paths again and again. In doing so, she takes pleasure in the changes that nature brings with it.

In my photo series entitled „Die Herbstzeitlose“, I trace my mother’s way of life and accompany her through the seasons with their different moods and their play of light and shadow.


2023: Presentation of the photo book “Die Herbstzeitlose”, f3 – Freiraum für Fotografie Berlin
2022: Stadt, Land, Fluss, GlogauAir Berlin
2022: Orten, OKS Seminar Tobias Kruse, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin

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